Gruppo Architettura” UniBS

The research group promotes architectural solutions for the combined redevelopment of the built environment able to ensure the principle of healthy construction within a perspective of active design definable as design method capable of generating physical and sensorial welfare of the inhabitants. 
The architectural elements are processed to respond, according to the dictates of the rule of the art, the different technological implications to ensure energy efficiency, structural adjustment of existing buildings (safety and security).

The main themes of the research group coordinated by Marina Montuori refer to: 

1. The research of new design practices for sustainable residential habitat redevelopment that has as its purpose the integrated regeneration
(architectural reshaping, energy efficiency and structural safety) of housing stock, built in the last Fifty years and considered suffering from a structural and/or constructive, functional and/or social, not recurring to the demolition as a last resort, but learning to evaluate benefits and costs (environmental, social, economic) of urban maintenance, testing the use of native materials and techniques, able to root architectures to the contexts in which they arise. 

2. The sustainable development of the territory. The research is based on the need to conceive architecture in harmony with the natural processes and their anthropogenic mechanisms. The intention is to put in place a regeneration process of the secret plots of a place, their dynamics, sometimes hidden, that animate the continuous transformations of natural and artificial, as well as integrating architecture in the environment and in nature, applying the concept of economy, not as the lowest cost in the short term, but as the system that avoids waste. 

3The formulation of experimental scenarios for the recovery of industrial areas being disposed in order to define:
- the ability to bring together multiple modes of use in an integrated production activities also for tourism or agri-tourism of an experimental nature;
- the rescue to the use of space denied, of portions of land that are presented as contradictory element of industrial development;
- the recovery through the use of dry technologies and reversible large industrial waste, according to principles of sustainability of the project. 

Researches conducted by the research group coordinated by Marina Montuori bind not only to the belief that research should intertwine and, when possible, overlap teaching in order to integrate the two main missions of those who work within university but also stress the need to investigate the real problems of the city and the territory by developing experimental projects in the educational field. 

The group researches fit mainly in the ERC sectors (European Research Council):
PE8 - Products and Processes Engineering: Product design, process design and control, construction methods, civil engineering, energy systems, material engineering
         PE8_12 - Sustainable design (for recycling, for environment, eco-design)
         PE8_16 - Architectural engineering
SH3 - Environment, space and population
         SH3_1 Environment, resources and sustainability
         SH3_2 Environmental change and society
         SH3_10 Urbanization, cities and rural areas